Country of origin Scandinavia

ski club

The ski club was founded in 1997, this club is very popular with young people

brief introduction

People are in a standing posture, holding ski poles and stepping on skis to slide on the snow surface. "Standing", "snowboarding", "Snow" and "skiing" are the key elements of skiing.

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    Skiing originated and developed in Scandinavian countries. Slalom is also a Norwegian word, which means sliding on an inclined road.

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    brief introduction

    With the development of skiing (especially modern competitive skiing), projects are increasing and fields are expanding.

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    From the perspective of historical evolution, skiing can be divided into ancient skiing, modern skiing and modern skiing

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    Modern skiing

    Modern skiing can be roughly divided into three categories: alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and freestyle.Skiing refers to skiing that slides down ...


About Us
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    Our club is start at 1997,we first rented a small skill resort, then started advertising to recruit more club members,and then lauched activities.Later,we gradually expaned, and we continued to expand the area of the ski resort and increase activities .




    223 hill mountan road,VIC


    Coaching Skills


    In the sky:On the hillside covered with thick snow, athletes take off on the platform with the help of sliding inertia, jump into the air, and then complete various forward and backward somersaults and twists in the air. The scoring criteria are: take-off, take-off, height and distance account for 20%; The performance level of body posture and skill movements accounts for 50%; Landing accounted for 30%. Different difficulty coefficients are specified according to the difficulty of the action. There are three kinds of jumping platforms in the air skills performance venue: small, medium and large. Athletes choose according to the needs of their actions. However, the landing must have an inclination of about 37 ° and a soft snow layer of more than 60 cm.

Club ski Atlas

Club Project
Snow skills
It is a competition of whirling action, air action and sliding speed on a steep slope line with a series of snow bags, including single snow skills and double snow skills. The snow skill field is 200 ~ 270 meters long, 15 ~ 25 meters wide, and the slope is 24 ~ 32 degrees. The skis used by athletes shall not be shorter than 1.90 meters for men and 1.80 meters for women. The ranking shall be evaluated by adding the quality scores of rotary action, air action and timing score. The one with more scores shall be listed in the front.
Aerial skills
It began in the early 20th century. In 1928, John Carleton of the United States became the first athlete in the world to complete the snow somersault in snowboards. In 1958, art fyurrer, a Swiss ski coach, completed somersaults and turns in the ski jump. Skis used by air skiers shall be no less than 1.90 meters for men and no less than 1.80 meters for women. The site consists of departure area, auxiliary landslide, transition area I, platform jumping, transition area II, landing slope and terminal area.

Ski club skiing precautions